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We are a full-service digital agency specializing in
in bespoke website design & development.

We help business owners start their online routes.

Alt-Team is a team of skilled web developers, web designers, SEO experts, and marketing specialists.

We consult website owners on how to improve their online business through innovative web development and SEO techniques.

All our team members are aimed at being your partners, at providing you the best and most cost-effective solutions, at bringing success to your online business by all means.

Alt-team was established back in

May 2010

We have a lot of experience delivering fast, secure and search optimized websites and online stores for business owners and entrepreneurs.

We focused on CS-Cart and Magento online stores in the beginning of our agency life. Some of our team lead developers worked in the official CS-Cart company and other developers successfully passed through several certification exams every two years that pushed us to the top of CS-Cart partners list.
After 10 years in the ecommerce development industry, our team of specialists hasn’t never stopped their educational process as it’s a fast-growthing and competitive industry. Our agency’s aim is to offer a high quality service for our worldwide clients and to elevate their business beyond expected no matter what country they live in.

Want to get a really good experience working with our team?

Hire web developers and other web specialists at Alt-Team, an e-commerce development company with 10+ years of experience in creating high-traffic websites.

Realizationof our project

We use modern web development architecture in our projects, Jamstack. The benefits of this approach include faster performance, higher security, and cheaper scalability. It’s easy and cheaper to build static websites, PWA and mobile applications for business owners if the JAMstack method is used from the very beginning. Read more about it.

Self-hosted solitions

Headless ecommerce

Headless CMS

Static site generator

Headless search

Deployment platforms

Commont tools

Our team

For many years, we have gathered the most experienced and talented web developers, web designers, SEO experts, and marketing specialists in our agency. We are happy to share our knowledge with your business. You can easily hire web developers remotely at our digital agency.

Ildar Bibaev
Custom Development Chief
Evgeny Shakhin
Evgeny Shakhin
Team Leader
Igor Efimov
Elena Tikhonova Alt-team SEO
Elena Tikhonova
SEO Expert
Artyom Larionov
Web Designer
Dariya Verina
Web Developer
Anton Kurakov
Design Integrator, Frontend Developer
Artur Machinskii
Frontend Developer
Irina Kedyarova
SEO Specialist
Albert Zakirov
Web Developer
Nail Khabibulin
Web Developer
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We are always looking for talented people

In short,

we are client-focused and forward-thinking web specialists

We love not only the process of web development,

but the good results in our client business.

Alt-team is a true growth partner for you

If you need web developers for hire but have doubts about our digital agency, you are welcome to read reviews about Alt-Team on the CS-Cart forums.

We have worked with CS-Cart CMS for 10 years.

You can learn more about our policy here.

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