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  • consultations. 

What we offer


Alt-team offers affordable SEO services for small business that will increase a website's visibility in search results on search engines like Google and increase organic search traffic to the website.

There are in-house SEO specialists in our team.

This specialist can help you solve many tasks in online business:

  • Increase the website traffic;

  • Improve rankings for your keywords;

  • To set up the main tools for the data collection about the website traffic, auditory and website visitors behavior;

  • Create reports on statistics of the online store;

  • Prepare the list of SEO recommendations on the website.

We mean getting rid of the essential technical mistakes (on-page optimization) and useful website backlinks analyzing (off-page optimization), when we talk about affordable SEO services. For small business it’s a great deal to have a search engine optimization consultancy including in our support

On-page and off-page optimization


On-page optimization represents the process of perfecting metadata information, media, website code, and user-friendly content for search engines. 

On-page optimization factors you should focus on include:

  • URL

  • Title tag

  • Meta description

  • Heading tags

  • Alt tags

  • Keywords

  • Content

  • Speed

  • Internal linking

  • Images

  • Mobile-friendliness

Example of some on-page SEO action items include:

  • Optimizing your title tags and meta descriptions

  • Writing in-depth, quality content

  • Cleaning up your site’s code

  • Streamlining your site’s navigation

  • Speeding up your website


The narrow definition of off-page optimization  is link building.

We are talking about inbound links here.

Off page SEO is a long and time- consuming process. It includes acquiring backlinks to your webpage from the authority sites, Social media and Social bookmarking. Off-page factors work in the background to improve the search rankings.

Why Off-Page SEO Is Important?

Off-page SEO is important since search engines may not crawl and index a website that lacks citations from other websites.

Lack of links may very likely contribute to stagnated search traffic because off-page ranking variables like links gauge a site's importance.

What is a reasonable price for SEO cost?

Website Search Engine Optimization is like the sport. You can spend money on expensive brand clothes, or buy a gym membership that costs a fortune, but it doesn't make you a professional sportsman. 

What drives you to success in sport? Training on a regular basis and a good trainer!

A good trainer consults you what exercises you should do more often, what money inventions in what equipment brings you the best result in the nearest future and what is a waste of money. 

The same with SEO! A good SEO expert consults you on what SEO strategy you should use taking into consideration your monthly budget, your human resources (writers, content managers, money on link building and ads) and your website goals.An experienced search engine optimizator helps your business website bring you more profit. 

The aim of a good SEO expert and your business goals are almost the same - the website promotion should be paid off.

The SEO expert builds the promotion strategy due to the client’s monthly budget and business goals.

The website promotion strategy starts working and brings results. Usually it takes 1-3 months to understand whether it works or not.

The website owner is happy with leads from the website

They have more profit from the website

They see that SEO brings money money to their business

They are ready to invest in SEO more as they see the good results.

The SEO expert is happy to spend their efforts on the loyal client’s website.

Our SEO experts always create a customizable SEO campaign for every small business. This commonly ranges anywhere between USD 1000 to USD 2400 a month. 

Start working with our SEO consultant by customizing an SEO plan according to your marketing budget. 

5 reasons to invest in SEO services with Alt-team specialists

Brand awareness and credibility

Our team helps to improve your brand visibility and credibility on the Internet.

Quality Traffic
Quality Traffic

Increase the quality traffic of the website with our SEO expert. We monitor not only the website traffic, but the conversions that your website brings

User Experience

Alt-team masters track the page’s bounce rate and monitor every exit page on your website. They have all website visitor analytics and you can improve website user experience with their help.

Healthy ROI

Your ultimate goal for a digital marketing strategy is most likely to achieve the best return on investment (ROI) for your marketing efforts.

Fortunately, Alt-team and SEO can help.

Long-term success in business

Once you build the correct SEO-friendly website, you will have the communication channel with your  target audience.

What do we need to assist you with affordable SEO services for small business?

  1. Your domain name.

  2. The access to Google Analytics, Search Console services. 

  3. Your expectations: increase in traffic, Google Top10 positions for special keywords, increase in leads from the website or your own website goals.

  4. Your monthly budget for the search engine optimization process?

Please contact us with this information if you need  affordable SEO services for small business?

5 Stunning Examples of Small Business Website Cases



Black&Milk is famous UK team of interior architectors and designers. Most of their projects are located in the center of London.

Alt-team built the website for this popular interior design studio. It's good-looking, fast, and SEO-friendly.

The website has:

  • 100% performance according to PageSpeedInsights;

  • Pages with high-resolution images;

  • Long video on homepage;

  • SEO support by our specialist;

  • Good SEO results;

  • Conversion growth.

Anatoly Alexeev

Thanks a lot for the effort. Guys, thank you so much! It’s been a long journey but I like how it looks

E-commerce store


Werky is a German shop that sells handmade products made by physically challenged people. It's a great social project!

The owner of the Werky store provided us with the ready-to-use mockups.

Our tasks were:

  • to integrate the design mockups into the CS-Cart theme

  • to perform the website SEO audit

As dedicated CS-Cart developers, we worked on this project for several months, from the end of the 2019 year until the end of 2021 (roughly two years).

Our SEO specialist made a report about SEO tasks in January 2021.

Christoph Andrews

Alt-team is super reliable, fast quotations, delivers ontime. The communication is clear and goal-oriented. We very happy with this cooperation. Thanks!

E-commerce store

LakeLand Paints

Lakeland Paints is a UK eco-paint workshop with an online store that sells a variety of wall paint and varnish materials for homes.

Lakeland paints contains:

  • No VOCs.

  • No Heavy Metals.

  • No Solvents.

  • No Bad Stuff.

There are the Tate Gallery, Greenpiece, and Westminster Abbey among LakeLand Paints clients.

The store owners contacted our team for assistance in building a new, fast website.

Alt-team specialists did:

Andy Schwartzkopf

Design and content both were outstanding. They kept us informed about all the development processes and also integrate our feedbacks hand to hand.

Small business website owners about Alt-team agency

I can highly recommend Alt Team for any CS Cart development work, either front end design or backend functionality.

They have been very transparent with the work and hours they have done and I wouldn't hesitate to use them again


Finally i'd like to say, it was a pleasure for me to cooperate with You, and Alt-Team. Many thanks. I'm quite sure that we'll be cooperate again soon.

Wojciech Werminski

We like very much, working with you guys, you are quick and for us it is very important! Good service and very positive attitude makes you guys great!
Allra Atta ( ) thanks you and we look forward working with you in near future


I highly recommend Alt-team.
Best CS-Cart developers ever!

I worked with them for two custom addons and I'm very happy with the results.
They gave me excellent support just when I needed it.

Thank you for your good work.


Thank you for taking care of this for me. I'm really pleased to have used your services and will continue to upgrade our site and use your team for many future projects.

Lazaro Alemany

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