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Want a fast and secure online store? Build this store using the JAMstack approach.

Our team of developers will help you create the website using JAMstack technology.

What is the JAMstack approach to website building?

Jamstack is a web architectural model focused on serving pre-generated, highly portable static assets from web development platforms, usually via a CDN (Content Delivery Network). 


JavaScript - It is utilized to retrieve all the data for your website and manage its dynamic features. Usually, it operates client-side.


APIs - Access to the data is controlled by the API. They are reusable abstractions of what a traditional model would have had on the server.


Markup - With the aid of a static site generator or build tool, they are produced from the source files. Simply put, the Markup is used to produce content for static web pages that are then made available as API endpoints.

JAMstack is not a program or a product. It’s a mixture of different independent systems, each of which is carefully responsible for its own range of tasks. One system is responsible for the frontend (Gatsby JS), and another system is responsible for the backend (Contentful or Storyblok). There are cases when the developers share the backend processes between two or even three systems to produce high-speed websites that are a pleasure to work on websites

How does JAMstack work?

Jamstack works by sending pre-rendered files to a content delivery network and serving them directly (CDN).

What does it mean? 

All your website pages have been rendered before and they are ready to use and they are kept on the server.  If you have some dynamic content, JavaScript starts working in these situations. 

JAMstack is used for building static websites. The Static Site Generator is used (SSG) in JAMstack websites. 

A static site generator is a tool that generates a full static HTML website based on raw data and a set of templates. 

JamStack Approach

Why should you use JAMstack?

There are some fast facts about JAMStack's benefits:


Keeping all pages on CDN helps us to get the max speed in page loading for the final website visitor.


CDN can be stable in case of any load and any number of website visitors. If you launch the advertisement campaign, your website should be prepared for the traffic increase. Otherwise you risk losing money on ads.

Low price

Low price of the hosting. Special hostings are used for such frontends. These hostings include keeping the code generator and CDN. Example: Netlify, Vercel, Cloudflare.

Pay attention that Netlify offers a free of charge plan if the traffic is less than 100GB and the content generation takes less than 300 minutes per month.


We use the innovative frameworks for the frontend development: Gatsby or NextJS.  (Read more about Headless CMS) Both of these frameworks have a set of tools that reduce the size of the images, styles, and scripts. It moves the site to the green zone of the Page Speed Insights service. In most cases, it has a good effect on SEO and Google page ranking.

We develop websites using JAMstack

Alt-team suggests you build a website for your business with JAMstack or move your existing online store to this new JamStack architecture. As a result, you will have a fast-loading website, and we can guarantee that your website will be in the “green” zone in such services as Google Page Speed.

Remember that Google likes speedy websites and ranks the pages of such sites higher in the SERPs.

Regarding MultiVendor CMS use, you can also use it. But you will need only the admin and vendor panels. In other words, you can use the CS-Cart Multi-Vendor CMS to manage all aspects of your website.

Best E-commerce cases

E-commerce store

LakeLand Paints

Lakeland Paints is a UK eco-paint workshop with an online store that sells a variety of wall paint and varnish materials for homes.

Lakeland paints contains:

  • No VOCs.

  • No Heavy Metals.

  • No Solvents.

  • No Bad Stuff.

There are the Tate Gallery, Greenpiece, and Westminster Abbey among LakeLand Paints clients.

The store owners contacted our team for assistance in building a new, fast website.

Alt-team specialists did:

Andy Schwartzkopf

Design and content both were outstanding. They kept us informed about all the development processes and also integrate our feedbacks hand to hand.



Loopazon is a revolutionary new marketplace for music makers to share music samples & audio clips, royalty free or sell them, sometimes for thousands of dollars.

Alt-team was responsible for:

Thomas Hamrick

I couldnt be more happy with the website growth.

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