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E-commerce store

The main features of the online store:

  • Migration from Volusion to CS-Cart

  • 2,000 categories

  • More than 20,000 products

  • Instant store search — less than 3ms

  • A very fast-loading website

  • Simple and user-friendly web design

> 90

Google PageSpeed

> 20 000

Number of products

~3 ms

Search time

E-commerce store

Lakeland Paints is a UK eco-paint workshop with an online store that sells a variety of wall paint and varnish materials for homes.

Lakeland paints contains:

  • No VOCs.

  • No Heavy Metals.

  • No Solvents.

  • No Bad Stuff.

There are the Tate Gallery, Greenpiece, and Westminster Abbey among LakeLand Paints clients.

The store owners contacted our team for assistance in building a new, fast website.

Alt-team specialists did:

> 12 months

Project duration


Number of specialists


Number of Products

Black&Milk is famous UK team of interior architectors and designers. Most of their projects are located in the center of London.

Alt-team built the website for this popular interior design studio. It's good-looking, fast, and SEO-friendly.

The website has:

  • 100% performance according to PageSpeedInsights;

  • Pages with high-resolution images;

  • Long video on homepage;

  • SEO support by our specialist;

  • Good SEO results;

  • Conversion growth.




Number of pages

> 300

Spent time


MetalsNet Marketplace is made for the USA metal product trade.

The main features of MetalsNet website:

  • It's a marketplace

  • It works all over America

  • Simple and user-friendly web design

  • Extended quotation system

  • The final buyer gets several offers from the local metal distributors and selects the best offer.

What Alt-team did:

  • Web design development

  • SEO support

  • CS-Cart development

  • Advanced quotation system in back-end and front-end.

  • We designed 3 different types of checkouts with custom fields, functionality:

  1. A client creates the quote;

  2. A client agrees with the supplier's offer;

  3. A supplier accepts the client's quote.

E-commerce store

Werky is a German shop that sells handmade products made by physically challenged people. It's a great social project!

The owner of the Werky store provided us with the ready-to-use mockups.

Our tasks were:

  • to integrate the design mockups into the CS-Cart theme

  • to perform the website SEO audit

As dedicated CS-Cart developers, we worked on this project for several months, from the end of the 2019 year until the end of 2021 (roughly two years).

Our SEO specialist made a report about SEO tasks in January 2021. 



It is dedicated to serving the angling community and this ecommerce website is devoted to providing the widest range of tackle at the cheapest prices from the best sellers in the UK. 

They are obsessed with tackle and customer experience, which has led this store to quickly become the largest dedicated online platform for tackle in the country.

Our tasks were:


Loopazon is a revolutionary new marketplace for music makers to share music samples & audio clips, royalty free or sell them, sometimes for thousands of dollars.

Alt-team was responsible for:


Tignasse is a magazine that sells fashion photos. Clients of hairstyling saloons and fashion studios are the magazine's target audience. With the help of photos, the studio's clients choose the fashion look.

We did:

Youles Motorcycles

E-commerce store

Alt-team built an online store for Youles Motorcycles company. It is a primary distributor for popular motorcycles and scooters in the UK.


E-commerce store

Arti-M is a company that suggests to its customers various types of kitchenware to suit any taste.

Our team worked on the tasks:


E-commerce store

"Fabrika Betonov" is one of our clients who produces building materials for different purposes.

It is a large concrete factory that includes 12 companies, 168 special-purpose machines and a huge finished products warehouse. 

Our team was hired:


E-commerce store is a company that offers custom printed and embroidered high visibility (HV) clothing such as jackets, safety vests, coats, trousers, and other stuff.

The company's turnover is over 6 million per year. Their 24-hour printing and embroidery operation churns out 350,000 printed hi-vis vests a year, 50,000 hi-vis jackets, over 200,000 polo shirts and screen-printed tee shirts, along with hoodies, sweatshirts, trousers, and PPE.

Our developers made:

> 4000

Number of products

> 1000

Total hours

> 10

years of cooperation


E-commerce store

Londonearlab is a laboratory where clients can buy custom-made in-ear products.

The project tasks were:

  • CS-Cart theme changes, and

  • CS-Cart customization


E-commerce store

A high-quality package plays a significant role in online trade. The MyCaseBuilder website helps businesses with quality packing.

The client hired web developers to:

  • Integrate CS-Cart theme;

  • Make some technical changes in the web shop


E-commerce store

Esmaili Rugs is the offline retail shop for the sale of Antique Rugs in Texas, Dallas and Fort Worth Metroplex. It is one of the leading importers of exquisite, handmade Oriental rugs from around the world. Esmaili's exclusive rug collection is highly curated and represents many styles, including Persian, Turkish, Moroccan, Chinese, and embroidered textiles from across the globe.

By traveling the world, browsing local street markets, and establishing relationships with overseas rug makers, Mr. Ali Esmaili provides his customers with the most sought-after, hard-to-find antique rugs that exude exotic artistry, enthralling designs, and remarkable shades of colors you never knew existed.


E-commerce store
Puzzle is a universal and popular gift for any special event. Various jigsaw puzzles are sold on PuzzlesPrint. They even can help you turn any photo into a custom jigsaw puzzle and pack it as a present. We were hired to make some integrations with CS-Cart CMS. First, we have integrated the web-to-print service PixlPark with CS-Cart. PixlPark is a cloud-based service for printing companies. This service is a solution in USA, UK, Russia, and Turkey. We placed PixlPark photo editor frame on Product Page on the frontend. After the client completes the photo editing in the frame, the result will be added to cart and the cart page opens. The information about this order will be passed to PixlPark as the order is placed.

E-commerce store

Decotick and Black&Milk are impressive websites offering furniture and ready-made interior design solutions. They have much in common and partially use the same modifications.


E-commerce store

Two Alt-team developers were working with this CS-Cart online store for several months in 2019. is Swiss online store where the customers can buy games for the entertainment (board games, computer games and etc.).

The client hired our team to make his website on CS-Cart faster. First of all, we checked the server settings. The result was bad. Our developer who is responsible for the server configuration found out that there were some things he can change. These changes increased the website performance. 

In addition, some extra CS-Cart add-ons were designed for this online store. One of them is new payment method SaferPay JSON.

clothes marketplace

It's a marketplace where the Romanians can buy clothes, shoes, accessories.

The website is built with CS-Cart MultiVendor platform. 

  • Our best-in-class CS-Cart developers were employed for the work under Romanian marketplace — haineieftinesibune.


Marketplace is the first online marketplace in Moldova. Moldovans use this resource to buy or sell their goods. The website is built on the modern CMS system — CS-Cart MultiVendor Ultimate 4.11.3

  • This time Alt-team developers were hired to create integrations with system and NovaPoshta Moldova


Number of vendors

> 100 000

Number of products

~ 100 hours

Spent time

Malina Bonita picture

E-commerce store

Malina Bonita is an online store of stylish clothes. An attractive and user-friendly ecommerce website brings more profit.

Alt-team developers were hired by the owners of Malina Bonita to make the website more interesting, convenient, and always accessible for their clients.

Alt-team specialists did:

  • Development of new addons

  • Web design integration

  • SEO audit

  • SEO consultation

  • Website support

> 12 months

Project duration


Number of specialists


Number of Products

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