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All people use different kitchenware and cutlery at home, at work, and in different other places every day. So, it is very important to find and buy the kitchenware you like and want to use several times per day. Arti-M is a company that can suggest various types of kitchenware to its customers based on their preferences. Our team worked on this project in order to make some changes and integrations that would lead to convenience and attract clients.

About project

Arti-M is a Russian website where wholesale customers can buy different kitchenware and cutlery, souvenirs and gifts, interior design items, and textiles.

Arti-M’s owner engaged with Alt-team to fix the errors in the work of the previous developers and build the CS-Cart modifications they needed. 

In total, there are about 28 addons and over 50 different modifications that were developed for this project. 

Arti-M is our long-term project. For over 6 years, Alt-team has been working with this website, and it is still in process. Our developers provide technical support when it is necessary. 

At different times, up to 4 specialists were engaged in the work on the online store, including:

  • 2 backend specialists, 

  • 1 frontend specialist, and 

  • 1 SEO specialist. 

Most of the tasks were made within the “Dedicated Developer” service.

Long-term project lasting over 6 years

Long-term project lasting over 6 years

Design integration, SEO consultations, and CS-Cart modifications

including the most recent modification of the XLSX Pricelist for Customers and Shoppable Images

Outsource IT specialists

a dedicated developer, a designer, an SEO specialist, and a content manager

Shoppable Image #1
Users can learn more about products (name, price) right on the banner and either purchase directly by clicking the appearing info.
Shoppable image #2
The banner can be on every page of the website. The client decided what products should be marked on the banner with extra information about the product name and its price.

Working team

2 Backend Developers

Frontend Developer

Seo Expert

Goal: What the client wants to achieve

Fixing the errors on the CS-Cart website

The Arti-M owners faced some problems concerning the website of their kitchenware shop. As a result, they decided to enlist the help of Alt-team in correcting the previous developers' mistakes and building the CS-Cart modifications they required.

Development of the XLSX Pricelist for Customers

After a detailed discussion, it was decided to develop the latest modification of the XLSX Pricelist for Customers. Our developer joined the project to add this modification to the Arti-M website in order to provide the ability to download the price list in XLSX format from the catalog page of the kitchenware shop.

SEO support

It was necessary to conduct the SEO audit to increase the attractiveness of the website. Our SEO specialist agreed to perform a SEO audit of the Arti-M website and give recommendations on how to promote the website and gain more traffic on it.

Development of Shoppable images modification

Arti-M owners asked our team to develop one more modification for the convenience of the customers. So, we discussed how to create the CS-Cart "Shoppable images" modification. It allows customers to quickly find and buy any product that they can see on banners and images.

Design integration on the CS-Cart website

Website design is very important for attracting clients and increasing profits. That’s why we discussed design integration tasks with the Arti-M owners and decided to add some changes to the kitchenware shop’s design.

Enhancement of website performance

The client also faced some problems concerning the website’s performance. Our team offered to fix these issues and keep the kitchenware store running smoothly during the sale period.

Challenge: What we had to face

Working with this project, we had to face a lot of interesting challenges.

Thanks to the involvement of our skilled developers and experienced project managers, we were able to carry out all necessary tasks.

Development of convenient modifications for customers

During the working process, the website owner asked our specialists to develop new modifications for the customers’ convenience. Short descriptions of the main modifications are presented below:

  • “Shoppable images'' enable customers to view and buy quickly any product that they can see on the banners by clicking on the hotspots on these banners.  

  • “XLSX Pricelist for Customers” that makes it possible to download the price list in xlsx format directly from the store's catalog page.

Define and discuss tasks

The client presented his preferences concerning the website. Our specialists had to analyze and make some changes to the tasks and then discuss them with the client.

A quick and simple method of cooperation

It was essential to find ways of communication that were convenient for the client and our team. 

We are always ready to use different types of communication, service

Skype, email, telephone calls, different chats, Google Docs, etc.

We discussed all tasks, deadlines, and arising questions via email six years ago, at the start of our collaboration with the Arti-M company. However, the client found it inconvenient, so we decided to work within our "Dedicated Developer" service.

In brief, “Dedicated Developer” service is when you purchase developer’s work hours in advance. During these hours, the developer works only on your project tasks.

Our specialists still continue to support the Arti-M website using this service.  

Results: What we have at the end of the project

Arti-M sells a wide range of kitchenware, cutlery, interior design items, souvenirs, and textiles. It has a lot of wholesale customers who buy different goods using the company's website. Our team has been working for several months to fix some problems and make this website better. We achieved the necessary results:

Creation of the XLSX Pricelist for Customers

Our developers created the latest modification of the XLSX Pricelist for Customers and added it to the Arti-M website. Customers can now download the price list in xlsx format directly from the web store's catalog page.

“Shoppable images” modification

We discussed with the client the importance of incorporating a change that would attract customers and decided to create shoppable images similar to Instagram shoppable images. Now all customers have an opportunity to quickly find and buy any product that they can see on the website images.

Development of the new functions

During the process of performing the tasks, several new functions were defined. After discussion, our developers created and integrated the following additional modifications into the website: 

  • API of the products. This modification enables customers to download information about any product using its ID.

  • The Stories modification allows you to view stories in the same way that you would on Instagram.

  • Cart checking modification considers all added products and sends a report to a responsible manager.

  • Cart downloading enables a customer to download a file with the cart content in Excel.

  • Global discounts and extra charges for the clients of the partners.

  • Client email checking modification enables the sending of a link with registration verification.

SEO optimization

Our company performed the SEO audit, which enabled us to find a lot of technical errors and problems with the Arti-M website. Then our SEO specialists made a list of mistakes, discussed them with the developers, and gave the client some recommendations on how to improve the website’s work. Also, we provided recommendations concerning the website’s semantics and link building. 

The main recommendations are presented below.

  • Revise the meta tags and add meta descriptions and meta titles. Think through and make changes to the semantics of the website and the content. 

  • Improve the website's performance.

  • Fix the technical errors. 

  • Create a new page with customer feedback on the company and its products. 

  • Create a blog with interesting content.

  • Increase link building.

  • Change the ad settings in order to bring in more profit. Obviously, the ads could be set up better. This will help to attract only the target audience.

Fixing the bugs

The previous developers made a lot of errors working on the Arti-M project. So, the company owners decided to involve the Alt-team specialists, who agreed to correct the bugs. Unlike any other companies or freelancers, all our specialists are highly qualified professionals with great experience in programming and correcting the errors of other developers. It is very difficult to find the bug locations in the code written by other programmers and fix them further. But our talented specialists faced such problems many times, and they even had to rewrite the codes of unqualified freelancers. 

As a result, our team worked quickly to correct all errors and create all necessary CS-Cart modifications and tasks for the Arti-M kitchenware shop.

Our team about this project

We got this website after it was changed by some other developers, and we had to fix their errors. Our entire team faced many challenges in order to complete the task quickly. 

After we finished fixing the website errors, our team began to enhance the website. We developed a lot of extra addons and modifications for this project to make it convenient for the customers.

As for me, it was a pleasure to work on this project, and I’m happy that our cooperation with this client has lasted for several years. 

Anton Kurakov
Front End Developer

Excellent developer. All specialists are extremely responsible individuals who investigate and discuss all details. They are not afraid to clarify and propose their decisions for the development of required functions. We are still working with Alt-team, and we like it.
The only problem is the ticket system on the website. But it can be easily solved within the “Dedicated Developer” service. Then we can contact the specialists using the convenient instant chat.Everything is done with care and in a timely manner.

Ivan Ryabov
Arti-M manager

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