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Loopazon - website for music producers


Loopazon is a revolutionary new marketplace for music makers to share music samples & audio clips, royalty free or sell them, sometimes for thousands of dollars.

About project

We've built a lot of marketplaces, but Loopazon is one of our favorites.

This client has been a long-term customer of ours. From time to time, our developers made small customizations to the client's website.

We have a long history of working with complaints and compliments, but we were able to resolve all issues, and the client remained satisfied with our team.

It was the first time in our company's history that we had to replace the main project developer because our programmer and client didn't get along with each other, although they worked together for one year. Our solution was to change the developer on this project, and it works. It was a year after we changed the developer that the client worked with us.

We were able to maintain our positive working relationships with the client while also moving forward with our SEO and development efforts. Finally, the website owner asked us to work on other projects. However, this is not the topic of this project page.

Two years of collaboration

We began by creating simple tasks for the client, and then the client hired our CS-Cart developer as a remote developer. The SEO consultant eventually joined the project.

CS-Cart Development

There were some minor CS-Cart MultiVendor customization tasks. The developer spent an average of 15 hours per month on these issues.

SEO service

Only 95 hours total over four months were spent on this project by the SEO expert (November, 2021 - February, 2022).

The number of specialists on the Alt-team

In different time periods, three specialists worked on this project (CS-Cart developers and SEO master).

> 7500
Number of loops
> 24
Number of specialists

Working team

Back-end developer

Front-end developer

SEO expert

Figma mockup
Figma mockup
Figma mockup that this client sent us
SEO results
Chat with client
We used Skype to contact the client. The client is happy with the positive SEO results in 2 months of our work.
SEO report

Our team about this project

As the client reacted quickly, it was a pleasure to work on this project. Unfortunately, there were times when we had to postpone our SEO assistance due to a client's illness, a lack of budget, or other factors that prevented us from achieving better SEO results. I was happy to work with Loopazon and wish great success to this marketplace.

SEO expert Elena Tikhonova
Elena Tikhonova
SEO specialist

The client decided to change CS-Cart MultiVendor functionality a lot according to his business targets.

I worked on the website design. My task was to make user-friendly design changes.

Anton Kurakov
Frontend developer

Thanks. I couldn't be more happy with your work.

Thomas Hamrick
Founder of Loopazon

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