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Do you sell motorcycles online? This case will be interested to you!

Alt-team built an online store for Youles Motorcycles company in the UK. It is a primary distributor for Triumph Motorcycles, Honda Motorcycles, Suzuki Motorcycles, and Suzuki Scooters. They also provide Vespa and Piaggio Scooters, along with smaller Aprilia motorcycles.

About project

Youles Motorcycles is our long-term client with an interesting website. 

After some discussions, Alt-team developers were hired to make some necessary modifications for the company's website. 

Youles Motorcycles serve as approved primary retailers for Triumph Motorcycles, Honda Motorcycles, Suzuki Motorcycles, and Suzuki Scooters, as well as Vespa and Piaggio Scooters, alongside smaller Aprilia bikes. They have a showroom in Blackburn, Lancashire, where they stock Triumph, Suzuki, Vespa, and Piaggio motorcycles. Additionally, they have two showrooms in Manchester city center, stocking Triumph Motorcycles, Vespa, Piaggio scooters, and Aprilia small bikes. The Honda Motorcycles dream dealership is located separately next door to their current Triumph showroom.

Long-lasting cooperation

Important modifications were developed and integrated into the company's website by Alt-team's developers.

Extra features
  • The website is developed using CS-Cart; 

  • The final cost of the project is over USD5000.

Productive work

At the beginning of our cooperation, the client described his desires and preferences, according to which our developers performed the tasks.

full time job
Our specialists

Developer and layout designer.

Sell Motorcycles On the Go

There are several professional developers in Alt-team who can make design integration or develop a new fast website for your business.

Developer's modifications
Developer's modifications
Website coding
Website coding
hours for project discussion
project cost (USD)
working hours
Number of specialists

Working team

Front-end Developer

Alt-team's front-end developer integrated the mockups into the CS-Cart store.

Full-stack developer

There were many CS-Cart modifications that our full-stack developer created.

SEO specialist

Our expert helped developers design a website that is SEO-optimized for Google.

Client Manager

Our manager assisted the client in communication between web developers and the client.

Our team about this project

Working with this client, Andrew, has been a pleasure, and we are incredibly proud of the final product we've created together. We believe that this new online shop will not only meet but exceed the client's expectations and provide the website's customers with an exceptional shopping experience.

Once again, Andrew, thank you for entrusting us with your project. We look forward to the possibility of working together again in the future.

Evgeny Shakhin
Team lead

Working on the online shop project for Youles Motorcycles company was an absolute pleasure. As the front-end developer on this project, I had the opportunity to collaborate closely with the client and translate their vision into a captivating online experience.

From the outset, it was evident that the client was deeply invested in creating a website that not only showcased their products but also provided a seamless and enjoyable shopping journey for their customers. Their clear communication, constructive feedback, and willingness to explore innovative ideas made the development process both rewarding and efficient.

Anton Kurakov
Front-end developer

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