Best omnichannel system for mid-size business - CS-Cart Enterprise (with Salesforce)

Elena TikhonovaSeptember 16th, 2019

As omnichannel marketing is in high demand for mid-size businesses in 2019, recently CS-Cart company has released a brand new product - CS-Cart Enterprise that is integrated with Salesforce CRM.

Why is omnichannel strategy is in priority in 2019?

This strategy is becoming a key to business success as customers deal with companies in different ways: physical store, social nets, mobile apps, virtual catalogs and etc.

As omni-channel marketing is in high demand for mid-size businesses in 2019, recently CS-Cart company has released a brand new product - CS-Cart Enterprise that integrated with Salesforce CRM.

Why is omni-channel strategy is in priority in 2019?

  1. A competition is becoming more intense in some business areas and marketing specialists intend to get greatest average customer retention.

  2. The number of devices per person is increasing rapidly. For example, every American uses 4 devices on average.

  3. Usually, omni-channel clients spend more.

  4. More than 80% of retailers marked omni-channel marketing as the most successful strategy in the nearest future. 


Taking into consideration all customers requests, CS-Cart team has made one of the best products they have ever released. And CS-Cart has worked in e-commerce development for 14 years. Having a great experience they have created the platform, based on customers demands and their best practices.

Basically, this product was developed to current and prospective Salesforce users as this CRM is quite popular in the world, especially in the USA. 


The base technical specification of CS-Cart Enterprise.

  • The cloud-based solution integrated with Salesforce system;

  • The automatic synchronization process between CS-Cart and Salesforce;

  • Hybrid synchronization via both Heroku Connect and Salesforce API;

  • +500 e-commerce features;

  • quality organized instructions and well-described documentation.


The most distinctive differences between CS-Cart and CS-Cart Enterprise.

The most distinctive differences between CS-Cart and CS-Cart Enterprise.


CS-Cart is a downloadable eCommerce solution and you need to choose a hosting and maintenance all technical work on your server-side.

CS-Cart system has a fixed life license cost. You pay only once and get the files.

  • CS-Cart - $385

  • CS-Cart Ultimate - $865

The difference between CS-Cart and CS-Cart Enterprise editions are in the number of storefronts and the mobile-friendly admin panel.

  • built-in editor for layouts and templates

  • built-in content manager

  • powerful and adaptive admin panel

  • product options and combinations

  • control over the catalog inventory

  • import and export functionality

  • 50+ payment systems

  • flexible tax management

  • SEO optimization

  • social nets synchronization

  • testimonials and reviews tools

  • promotions and discounts 

  • good performance

  • server-side optimization

  • etc.

CS-Cart Enterprise

CS-Cart Enterprise is a cloud-based platform and there is no need to spend time on hosting choice and server maintenance.

CS-Cart Enterprise is paid on a monthly basis.

The price starts from $1000 per month.

This monthly payment covers hosting, database and support help due to the selected pricing plan.

At the moment, the actual prices for CS-Cart Enterprise edition are provided by request and the pricing depends on business needs.

Monthly fees of SalesForce (without CS-Cart) start from  €25 (the cheapest variant) and end €300 (unlimited CRM power and support).

CS-Cart Enterprise has more than 500 features implemented as add-ons, most of which inherited from CS-Cart.

The additional features:

  • synchronization your Salesforce with Cs-Cart store

  • transferring data from the store to Salesforce 

  • channel management

  • multi-store management

  • email marketing

  • customer accounts

  • product configurator

  • etc.


Analyzing all editions' aspects and customers reviews that we've got from our clients and have found on the Internet about CS-Cart and CS-Cart Enterprise editions, we have made a conclusion that CS-Cart edition is a good platform for mid-size business on the Internet, but CS-Cart Enterprise is a better solution as it allows a fast start and has all feature of CS-Cart edition plus powerful CRM Salesforce. The difference is in price!


Buy CS-Cart edition for $345                                             

Get prices on CS-Cart Enterprise!



P.S. News about new Multi-Vendor Plus edition (marketplace platform).

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