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Decotick and Black&Milk are impressive websites offering furniture and ready-made interior design solutions. They have much in common and partially use the same modifications.

About project

The most interesting thing of this project was to adapt the CS-Cart store for blind/visually impaired visitors. People with visual disabilities are individuals who are blind, have low vision, or have colour blindness.

  • People who are blind need audio equivalents for text and image content.

  • Those who have low vision need the assistance of a hardware or software magnifier to enlarge the text beyond simple font enlargement.

  • People who are colour blind or who have low vision benefit from good contrasting colours.When information is presented by colour alone, a person who is colour blind misses that information.

Long-lasting cooperation
Long-lasting cooperation

Our developers and SEO specialists have worked on this project from time to time over the last few years.


Design integration, SEO consultations, and building a fast and secure online store with the help of the ecosystem "JamStack" (CMS Storyblok + Next js (Tailwind) + CS-Cart platform for the admin panel)


We held many meetings to solve the many challenges we had to create a fast store

full time job
Full time job

Outsource IT specialists (a front-end designer, an SEO specialist, and a content-manager)

> 100
Number of vendors
> 10 000
Number of products
> 5 000
Total hours
Number of specialists

Working team

Team Leader

Full-stack developer

Front-end developer

SEO consultant

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