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Malina Bonita - Fashion Ecommerce Site

E-Commerce Store

Malina Bonita is an online shop that sells trendy clothing. A visually appealing and easy-to-use website helps increase sales.

The owners of Malina Bonita hired Alt-team developers to work on:

  1. Integrating the design into the website.

  2. Making modifications to the CS-Cart platform.

About project

MALINA Bonita produces capsule evening wear, wedding dresses, casual, and business clothes. In 2021, the company launched the production of outerwear as well as knitted and crocheted clothes of its own design.

MALINA Bonita makes evening wear, wedding dresses, casual, and business attire. In 2021, they expanded into outerwear as well as designing their own knitted and crocheted clothing.

Alt-team's CS-Cart developers have been collaborating with Malina Bonita for over a year. The client has been utilizing our "Dedicated Developer" service for about 4 months.

Hire Dedicated developer

With the Dedicated Developer service, the client purchases a package of developer hours. The minimum package includes 40 hours at a price of USD 1400. Buying more hours at once lowers the hourly rate, providing the client with more value and the developer's full attention to the project.

This service allows our programmers to dedicate their full time to completing the tasks required for the client's project, thereby enhancing their website.

Long-lasting cooperation
Long-lasting cooperation

It took around a year to finish what the client asked for, and the project is still going.

Main tasks
Main tasks

There were several tasks on this project that the client asked us to perform. The main tasks were:

Services and programs
Third-party services

Services that were used for this project:

  • Figma

  • Github

full time job
Full-time job

Several Alt-team specialists were hired for this project.

  • Web Designer

  • CS-Cart developer

  • SEO consultant

> 12 months
Duration of cooperation
40 hours
Developer's time every month
4 months
Full-time work
10 modifications
Number of CS-Cart modifications

Working team

CS-Cart Developer

Web Designer

SEO Consultant

Goal: What the client wanted to achieve

Development of addons
Development of Addons

After a detailed discussion, it was decided to develop several new addons for the website, including Priority shop, The last item in stock, Import/export of shipments, Box as a gift and others. All these addons are necessary for the convenience of the customers and owners.

Fixing bugs
Fixing of existing bugs

The Malina Bonita owners faced some problems concerning the website of their company. The client decided to engage Alt-team in fixing the existing bugs in the work of the website.

Design integration
Design integration

Website design is very important for attracting clients and increasing profits. That’s why it was decided to integrate a new design for desktops and mobiles.

MalinaBonita is not a newby online store. This online store was launched in 2019 and was made on CS-Cart 4.9.2.SP4. The old web design was based on the one of the existing CS-Cart theme (UniTheme). The web design wasn’t unique that had a negative effect on the website positions in search engines and the user behaviour on the website. The website owner hired a designer who created the web design mockups for the MalinaBonita website. Then the clients searched for the experienced and not expensive design integrator. So, the client has found Alt-team. Our pricing for design integration met client’s requirements, our developer’s experience in CS-Cart design integration was more than 10 years with many study cases. We started working with this website in October 2022 and it had CS-Cart 4.14.3 version. 

SEO audit
SEO audit and consultation

It was necessary to conduct the SEO audit and make some modifications to increase the attractiveness of the website. 

The client made almost all the changes in order to achieve good SEO results for the site. This online store was launched in 2019, but it couldn’t achieve high positions with the popular keywords in search systems. That’s why it was important for the client to get an SEO consultation and improve the website's positions on Google and Yandex.

Challenge: What we had to face

It’s a long-lasting project (more than a year), our team faced different issues that demanded fast and professional expertise and consultations within Alt-team specialists.

Challenges: Ways of cooperation
Convenient ways of cooperation
First of all, it was necessary to define the ways of communication between our team and the client. We are always ready to contact our customers using different convenient methods; that’s why we communicated using emails at first. And later, the client decided to use the “Dedicated Developer” service, and our communication moved to Telegram, which was more convenient and quicker.
Malina Bonita, development of the new functions
Development of the new functions
During the process of performing the tasks, it was decided to develop several new functions. We didn’t have any problems with modifications and communication. The client answered very quickly. So, after discussion, such addons as Priority shop, The last item in stock, Import/export of shipments, Box as a gift and others were developed and integrated into the website.
Malina Bonita Challenge 4
Consultations with SEO specialist
When starting cooperation with the Alt-team company, the client didn’t specify that there were some SEO questions. Our SEO specialists managed to find some time to check the client’s website and provide short recommendations for website improvement and correspondence to the Google and Yandex requirements.

Results: What we have at the end of the project

Malina Bonita is one of our long-lasting projects. Our specialists spent a lot of days working on different interesting tasks and cases concerning this online store. And we continue our cooperation with this customer in order to make his website better and increase profits. 

We have already achieved the following results:

Design integration
Integration of the desktop and mobile designs

The store and theme were updated from 4.14.3 to 4.17.1, as well as all related works were performed after the upgrade

Updating of theme
Development of addons2
The following addons were developed:
  • Priority shop (it allows the user to select the main store from which delivery will be made);

  • The last item in stock (if there is an item in the cart that is only 1 in stock, the user will see a window with information about it);

  • Give one a hint of a gift (it adds a button to the product page on a mobile phone that allows you to share a link);

  • Import/export of shipments; 

  • Box as a gift (it allows you to add a gift box for 1 rub upon reaching a certain order amount).

SEO audit and consultation were provided

SEO audit
Fixing the existing bugs, making small changes and providing regular website support

Need fashion e-commerce website?

There are several professional developers in Alt-team who can make design integration or develop a new fast website for your business.

Our team about this project

I am pleased to share my experience working on the Malina Bonita project. My approach was to combine creativity with technical precision, ensuring a harmonious blend of aesthetics and functionality. I focused on precision and detail to ensure the final product not only met but exceeded expectations. The collaborative process was smooth, with clear communication and a commitment to meeting project milestones. I'm proud of the results and look forward to future interesting projects.

Anton Kurakov
Front End Developer

Client about Alt-team

I recommend this company. We have been working with these developers for more than one year. During this time they added a lot of new functions to our website. For example, Priority shop of delivery addon, the last item in stock addon, design adaptation for Uniteme2, SEO addons modification, etc.

Developers are always available and help to fix all website bugs even on the weekend.

Malina Bonita logo
Evgeniya Koscheeva
Founder of MalinaBonita

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